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my journey to a rejuvenated self

When you look in the mirror each day, do you like what you see? Do you tug at the skin on your face to pull the wrinkles away? If you don't like the aged appearance of your face, now is probably a good time to begin thinking about having one or two cosmetic procedures performed. I had struggled with my self-esteem for a few years before I broke down and had a few procedures done on my face. To learn more about my journey to a rejuvenated self, visit my website. There, you will learn about each procedure that I had performed and what the recovery time was like.

Things You Should Know About Tummy Tucks

If you have troubles with belly skin, you may think that a tummy tuck is the answer. Tummy tucks are one of the most popular types of plastic surgery. While a tummy tuck can help with problem skin, it is not a cure-all for everything. You still need to research and talk to your doctor about this and any other surgical procedure.

Tummy tucks have a good success rate for the ideal candidate. Here is more information what tummy tucks can and can't do.

Tummy Tucks Are Good For Certain Problems

Tummy tucks are not the same as liposuction or other types of contouring. This procedure is used to correct unusual problems with skin and belly fat. It can also help with muscle tightening and related issues. Other common reasons for tummy tucks include:

  • Excess skin removal after pregnancy or extreme weight loss
  • Scar tissue removal or hiding
  • Hernia repair
  • Helping with urinary incontinence
  • Fixing a belly button problem
  • Improving appearance and clothing fit

Tummy Tucks Are Not a Weight Loss Cure

Many people mistakenly believe that tummy tucks will cure a weight problem. While tummy tucks can remove some fat, they are not good for weight loss. Most surgeons suggest tummy tuck candidates lose as much weight as possible before the procedure. However, a tummy tuck may help for that last little bit of weight that you can't lose after trying everything else. You should also know that tummy tucks don't always fix stretch marks.

Tummy Tucks Require a Recovery Time

When you have a tummy tuck, you will need to take time off from work. You may even need help for the first week. Don't expect to be able to lift much for several weeks. You may find your stomach muscles and skin tight and swollen at first. Your doctor will likely give you a garment to support your stomach while you heal.

Tummy Tucks Can Have Complications

Like any surgery, you could have complications and you may get imperfect results. Everyone heals differently, so you may not get the exact look you want. You will also need to look after an incision that can get infected if it is not cared for properly. You will also need to care for your drains to ensure excess fluids drain properly. Some people also experience nerve issues.

One other key factor in your procedure's success is your plastic surgeon. Make sure you get to know your surgeon. Pick one with a good success rate and expertise. Your surgeon will give you advice on how to prepare and recover from your surgery. Contact a plastic surgeon at a medical facility like Dakota Plastic Surgery: Sanjay Mukerji, MD for more information about tummy tucks.