my journey to a rejuvenated self

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my journey to a rejuvenated self

When you look in the mirror each day, do you like what you see? Do you tug at the skin on your face to pull the wrinkles away? If you don't like the aged appearance of your face, now is probably a good time to begin thinking about having one or two cosmetic procedures performed. I had struggled with my self-esteem for a few years before I broke down and had a few procedures done on my face. To learn more about my journey to a rejuvenated self, visit my website. There, you will learn about each procedure that I had performed and what the recovery time was like.

Which Drugs Or Medical Procedures Have Unexpectedly Positive Side Effects?

You may already know that some of today's most popular erectile dysfunction drugs were originally developed to treat heart disease. With many modern medications and treatments advertised with a laundry list of potential side effects, it should be no surprise that some of these unintended side effects can be positive. In fact, some drugs and procedures designed to treat everything from binge eating to diabetes were also discovered to help prevent breast cancer or malnutrition. Read More 

3 Main Benefits Of Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a treatment used to help treat superficial scarring, age lines, blemishes and age spots. The treatment involves exfoliants and a special machine to help buff your face to remove these minor imperfections and leaves your face smooth and beautiful. The treatment is painless and doesn't take much time at all. This is a good treatment if you have some of these minor imperfections and are looking for a painless and fast treatment. Read More 

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Painful?

It is common to make a mistake like getting a tattoo on your face as a young adult. According toWebMD, 50 percent of people regret getting a tattoo and want to have it removed. Some people put off having their tattoo removed because of worrying about pain. Read on to find out if the tattoo removal process is painful. Pre-Treatment Steps to Minimize the Pain Your doctor may ask you to follow certain steps before the procedure to minimize pain. Read More 

Hobble The Gobble: How To Reduce Your Turkey Neck In Time For Thanksgiving

As you head into your forties and fifties, you will discover that your skin is starting to droop a little. Your cheeks are not as toned and smooth as they were in your twenties or thirties, and hints of wrinkles are beginning to appear. Along with that, some people experience a sagging along the jowls and neck, producing an uncomplimentary "turkey neck", even when you did not have a double chin originally. Read More 

5 Tips On Getting The Best Results From Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is quickly becoming one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed.  During the treatment, a laser emits a highly concentrated beam of light to the hair follicle, preventing future growth.  Laser hair removal works best for those with dark hair because the laser targets the pigment in the hair follicle, and lighter hair can cause some reflection of the beam.  Each pulse of the laser targets a particular hair follicle and lasts less than a second. Read More